Unlimited Edition


“a unique production of unique vases”

Unlimited Edition vase collection is a good example of generating individuality using techniques of mass production: by extruding clay through a variety of templates and cut points, each is produced the same way, but looks different.

Pieke Bergmans & Madieke Fleuren, working together, explored all the possibilities at the European Ceramic Work Centre . A major goal of their stay at the EKWC was to develop a production-process that would produce individual objects.

“We designed various templates that we place into an extrusion machine. Thus, the machine extrudes endless tubes of clay. Because of the speed and flexibility of the clay, the tubes force themselves in maximum and almost impossible conditions and shapes. We cut the tubes of the extrusion-machine and place them onto a drying table. Because we have researched the quality and max-deformation of this clay, we have managed to develop a new product that is always unique but can be mass-produced: It resulted in a series of vases that is titled ‘Unlimited Edition’.