Melted Collection


A collection of melted blue furniture by Pieke Bergmans and Peter van der Jagt.

These cabinets made out of a special blue foam…

Bergmans and van de Jagt have once again managed to add new dimensions to this realm of art and design. Dimensions in which material is put to new use and new form. In which furniture is baked like bread, and in which mass products are created ever differently.
So how were they made exactly? All items were cut out of isolation foam and treated with heath and baked in an oven, very much like bread. The material expands, melts and contracts, which gives the soft and light foam a very strong skin and a natural outer form.

Both Dutch designers, Pieke Bergmans and Peter van de Jagt are connected in a sense of simplicity, a touch of sparkling light humour and the insatiable need to disrupt the ordinary. By slightly changing common objects that we are very familiar with, such as furniture, kitchen tiles, vases, lights et cetera, users are suddenly put off balance. Creating such moments of surprise and re-interpretation into the daily habits can be seen as art, rather than common product design. No wonder that these products are noticed around the globe and are having great impact on the culture and the definition of design.