Massive Infection

Droog Design presents Massive Infection, a large table that is completely overrun by Crystal Virus vases.


A massive infection of the Crystal Virus has been discovered at Droog Design. This Virus, brought to life by designer Pieke Bergmans, has previously been found munching on small pieces of furniture. But never before was it taking on such a large prey and in such great numbers. The event offers a spectacular sight that is not to be missed. The Table Infection is a wooden table covered with Crystal Viruses. They are vases, created right on top of the table. Searing hot crystal bubbles are pressed against the wood, defining the shape of the crystal and leaving black burns in the process. This way, the table functions as a production unit and as a mould for the vases. The making process is a spectacular event, and what remains is a series of 30 unique crystal sculptures and a table covered in burn stains.