Artist in Residence – DORDTYART – May-July 2017


LAB – Caught in time

Pieke Bergmans with assistant Marit Heinen and sparring partner Wendeline Thole

This exhibition CrossWorks is dedicated to Cross-Over of the different techniques and materials that artists use within their installations.

Rudi Fuchs opened the exhibition CrossWorks with his idea about actual seeing.

Look without judging, what do you actually see?

Pieke: “life goes very fast. And sometimes you really need to stand still. I like to be present in the ‘here and now’ and am at my best if I create something; when I intervene in a process, in which ‘the moment is now’. I look and ‘freeze’ the time at the moment that I find interesting. Am alert and focused and I can therefore really experience it. And it is also a test whether you get the best momentum. When you freeze the time, all of a sudden, something that was moving, stands still. From that point you see very different things. You captured a moment. So you can walk around it and then all of a sudden a whole other world opened in front of you. Beautiful or fascinating or other elements reveal itself. “

In this research, plants and flowers are ‘caught in the time ‘.

A preservation technique is a method or protocol with which one tries to give an object a longer existance. Capturing the original state as closely as possible, including possible degradation. Conservation differs from restoration, because it does not attempt to replace or repair damaged parts or aspects.