Series 1:

In a completely new direction for her work, Bergmans has created tables with patterns through movement. An investigation into lines and shapes, she has revisited this exploration culminating into delicate drawings that seduce you to get closer until your eyes seems to get lost. Printed surfaces with depth and 3-dimensional patterns, allude into a different view.

Series 2:

 Jaap Vliegenthart, a well-known Dutch photographer that plays with different ‘perspectives’. He took these images by flying in between the big high scrapers in New York City with a helicopter. You seem to get a different eye onto the city. As a bird flying around, you have a different point of view. The hundreds of windows become lines that fade in and fade out. Its like flying in between an abstract modernistic painting. By printing these images onto an ordinary object like a table, it creates a new perspective. Lines flow from table top to sides. You find either stability in these human-made structures or you might get lost..

The two pairs of wooden tables are beautifully made. It seems simple but when looking close you can tell this is the work of a superb professional, Pieter van der Aa. A man with the ‘carpenters eye’. We developed a special method to construct these tables, really precisely, in order to match the lines from all sides. The work is really skilful.

Pieke Bergmans / Dutch Design Week

Solo exhibition / Pomphuis /  Eindhoven / 2013