Crate Cabinets


A collection of crates

How do we look after our most precious belongings? Six months ago, Pieke Bergmans asked this question when she needed to transport her work to the other side of the world. At that moment in time she didn’t realize that it was the start of a fascination for crates and cabinets.

When precious objects are shipped across the world, Vermeers to Chicago, terracotta from Beijing or bulbs to Miami they are transported in museum crates. These crates are made to measure to ensure the maximum protection of their precious cargo. It’s not surprising that they are called museum crates, in protecting the most amazing artifacts known to man. Crates are built to be strong and robust for the ensuing journey, providing comfort to its contents, making sure that everything arrives in one piece.

The crate is an icon for safety and protection. We all relate to it function, able to read on the sticker its origin, destination and the fragility of its content.

The crate creates a sense of curiosity. What makes a crates content so special that it needs to be sent across the globe? This curiosity and sense of expectation was the inspiration for Pieke Bergmans to design a collection of crates. Their external raw functionality hiding their fragile internal contents only experienced once the crate doors open.